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Nourish yourself with nature



Embrace your inner goddess

Goddess wear

Miel-pieces are made by hand, created to uplift, inspirer and empowering the wearer.

Inspired from nature, symbols and life.





The tides are changing


A rebirth is whispering to us…

The tides are changing for Miel handmade - a new era is beginning.
We are saying goodbye to the old ways and the designs that holds a story from the past. We want to create a new jewelry-line that is embracing the uniqueness in each our journeys. So therefor we a’sale to sell out of our old jewelry-pieces, to make room for the new beginning.

The new era will be focused on limited pieces.
We want to create one of a kind jewelry and embrace the quality of the uniqueness that make everything beautiful.
Because the beauty is in each of us ad we tend to forget, that its the uniqueness and the similarities that glue that hold us together. The way we each hold something tender and fulfill our souls is what that only represent us,
This where the true beauty comes from.

We want to create with feelings, the feelings we cant run from. The feeling that lies in an act of love to a stranger, the understanding of how we are treating each other. Our collective why.
The way of dealing with pain and how to develop and show the strength to overcome the traumatic memories of life. How to growth within.

These are the thoughts behind the change.
A time to make a rebirth and growing within our souls.
Because I choose to grow


 launch of the

The huehue collection

The huehue is eye-catching pieces, that will make a womanly & beautiful statement on your daily wear.

I'm excited to tell, that I have been working on some new adornments. A small collection of fine jewelry-pieces. - The simplicity of these pieces are down to earth, a classy & elegant statement. - If you wanna see more, find the link, in the bio.
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miel handmade & wood by jeppe


Mountain bird is the new collaboration between Miel handmade & Wood by jeppe. The unique collection features a concept, that include Talking staff’s & Walking staff’s.

‘there is a long & loving process in finding, carving & decorating the shaman staff’s’

She has the spirit of the sun,
The moods of the moon,
The will of the wind
— unknown